Diabetes State of Art Center

Developing a state of art center to manage all multidimensional aspects of disease and its management with global authorities and panel.
  • Center Known for Comprehensive care, education and adherence with disease and its management.
  • A panel of Specialists and Super Specialists under One roof for One cause.
  • All activities to revolve around right practice of diabetes and it’s management and patient’s care with adherence
  • Layout, Sequence, chronological orders of OPD/IPD, all activities, education at Centers will be approved, guided and supported by authorities.
  • All educational programs (digital and non- digital) are with CMEEducation Credit.
  • Patient’s Care is on priority, to achieve this all set up is in chronological order to achieve best of results like Anthropometry, Diet Consultation, Physio and Yoga Sessions,Café Diabetica, Class apart laboratory, routing and specialized diagnosis, all expert consultation etc. under one roof to provide holistic care.