About us

A Mumbai-based health startup concentrating on developing comprehensive and innovative health-care solutions. Arlyn Lifesciences is one of India's Top 50 Business Plans (FY 2019-2020), having been acknowledged as a "Startup India" organisation. With an inventive and skilled workforce, the institution demonstrated its commitment towards improving the ordinary lives of citizens at an affordable cost.

Our goal at Arlyn is to use innovation to raise India's health index. We are dedicated to life at every stage of the patient's journey, paying attention to and experiencing the suffering and emotions and taking appropriate action. We also strive to find the most creative solutions to transform the pain into joy and spread them. We may achieve our objective more fully when we work together with self-induced passion, the drive to defy expectations, and the creativity to redefine how we conduct business. We think that innovation, when used with utmost passion and commitment, may solve a great deal of the difficult challenges in healthcare.

The health index, also known as the composite index, combines multiple relevant metrics into a single number that summarises the state of the health system across the country. We are focusing on using Innovation in healthcare to improve the five factors that make up India's health index: adult mortality rate, life expectancy at birth (male and female), life expectancy index, and current health expenditure.

As an organisation with a greater mission, we consistently chant "Innovation is in Blood," which means improving patients' lives through Affordable and Innovative Health Solutions. Our dream is to serve everyone in need with high-quality, life-saving healthcare at a reasonable cost. Our basic values help us build trust, ownership, and pride among our stakeholders. Our patient-centric approach assists us in developing and maintaining relationships. These practices help us develop a sustainable organisation. We take pride in the faith our stakeholders have in us and that we have in them, and we base everything we do on our honesty.